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Afterlife: Life and Death...Improvised  
Market Theater Afterlife: Life and Death...Improvised
What lies at the threshold between life and death? How will we be remembered? Big questions, to be sure, but Unexpected Productions' Afterlife: Life and Death...Improvised tackles them with humor. This interactive comedic production is an exploration of death, dying and how we choose to live. The cast engages you as soon as you enter the Market Theater, using comedy to help you reflect on your own life and death. The improvisers examine the traditions, taboos, myths, legends and assumptions about life, death and afterlife.
And In This Corner: Cassius Clay  
Seattle Children's Theatre And In This Corner: Cassius Clay
Every superhero has an origin story. And long before he became heavyweight world-boxing champion Muhammad Ali, 12-year-old Cassius Clay was just a kid living in Louisville, Kentucky during the nation's dark time of Jim Crow racism and segregation. But when his bike gets stolen, he meets a police officer who teaches him how to box. Climb into the ring with Clay as he battles his way into becoming one of history's greatest athletes and civil-rights advocates, through help from his loving family and his own fierce determination. Check out And In This Corner: Cassius Clay, written by NEA award-winning playwright Idris Goodwin, at the Seattle Children's Theatre.
Arms and the Man  
Seattle Center Arms and the Man
Raina Petkoff is young, beautiful and filled with romantic notions about love. She's all set to marry war hero Major Saranoff, but then the combat crashes through her window in the form of a soldier fighting for the opposing side. Intrigued, Raina agrees to hide him, but only after learning he carries chocolates instead of bullets. After the war ends, both rival soldiers return for their love, and that's when the real battle for Raina's heart begins. George Bernard Shaw's most popular play, Arms and the Man was also one of the author's first commercial successes. Former 5th Avenue Theatre Artistic Director David Armstrong makes his Seattle Shakespeare Company debut with this classic romantic comedy at Seattle's Center Theatre.
Improvised Chekhov  
Market Theater Improvised Chekhov
Join Unexpected Productions as they create a full-length play in the style of Anton Chekhov based on your suggestions. You don't have to be a Chekhov fan to enjoy this clever, fun homage to his art and style. The show format follows Chekhov plays like Uncle Vanya, The Cherry Orchard or The Three Sisters as they paint life by vividly capturing commonplace incidents. They humorously explore Chekhovian themes like mood, unrequited love, apparent trivialities and the internally conflicted psychology of his characters. See Improvised Chekhov at Unexpected Productions' Market Theater in Seattle.
Lonely Planet  
West of Lenin Lonely Planet
Set in small map shop on the oldest street in an American city, Lonely Planet is an intimate portrait of two friends at the height of the AIDS epidemic. Growing increasingly fearful of the outside world, Jody, the shop owner, retreats inside his store and refuses to leave. Jody's quiet denial is in sharp contrast to his fantastical and extroverted friend, Carl, who repeatedly urges Jody to leave the store. Through Carl's surreal extravagance, the friends are forced to confront their lives, a vanishing community and come to terms with their place in a changing world. Written and directed by Steven Dietz, Lonely Planet is a poignant, funny and deeply personal story of two friends and how they navigate a time of crisis and loss. Starring Michael Winters and Reginald Andre Jackson, the show is being staged at Seattle's West of Lenin.
A People's History  
Seattle Repertory Theatre A People's History
There's a famous saying: "History is written by the victors." Howard Zinn changed that when he published his landmark A People's History of the United States and set off a "quiet revolution." Now, acclaimed monologist Mike Daisey, whom The New York Times called "one of the finest solo performers of his generation," picks up where Zinn left off, bringing his trademark blend of the personal and historical to bear in exploring the side of American history they don't teach you in school. From Columbus to today's explosive political climate, Daisey explores the history of those fighting to make America live up to its ideals, and the times when we've fallen sadly short. See Mike Daisey's timely A People's History at Seattle Repertory Theatre.
Schoolhouse Rock Live!  
12th Ave Arts Schoolhouse Rock Live!
ReAct Theatre revives its hit musical adaptation of Schoolhouse Rock Live! in celebration of the 45th anniversary of this ever-popular and educational pop-culture phenomenon. The entire family's sure to enjoy this unique and original staging of this fun musical at 12th Ave Arts in Seattle. Based on the beloved cartoon shorts from the 1970s, this nostalgic and campy romp through all your favorite Schoolhouse Rock songs includes such perennial faves as "Just a Bill," "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly," "Interplanet Janet," "Conjunction Junction" and many more. Knowledge is Power!
The White Snake  
12th Ave Arts The White Snake
In her latest theatrical creation inspired by a classic legend, Mary Zimmerman re-imagines The White Snake, an ancient Chinese folktale in which a snake spirit transforms herself into a beautiful woman in order to experience the human world. Adventuring down her mountainside with her companion, Green Snake, White Snake meets and falls in love with the humble, virtuous Xu Xian and convinces him to marry her. Together, the three friends open a pharmacy, but soon the remarkable healing powers of White Snake draw the attention of a treacherous monk, Fa Hai. Outraged at the union between a mortal and a snake spirit, Fa Hai takes it upon himself to destroy it.