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The Addams Family  
Tacoma Musical Playhouse The Addams Family
Tacoma Musical Playhouse is very proud to open its 2019-2020 season with the hilarious and talented award-winning cast and of the musical comedy The Addams Family. Based on the classic TV show and featuring the zany characters you fondly remember. Ba da da dum snap snap!
Blood Water Paint  
12th Ave Arts Blood Water Paint
Macha Theatre Works presents Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough, directed by Amy Poisson, at the 12th Avenue Arts Studio. Blood Water Paint is an audaciously imaginative and unflinching portrayal of Artemisia Gentileschi, an Italian Baroque painter now considered one of the most accomplished of her generation. At a time when female artists were afforded no opportunities, Artemisia's extraordinary talent earns her the recognition of Rome's elite. Her father, Tuscan painter Orazio Gentileschi, hires a colleague to tutor his daughter. Instead, he rapes her. Refusing to stay silent about the assault, Artemisia takes her rapist to trial. Based on true events, Blood Water Paint unfolds lyrically through interactions with the women featured in Artemisia's most famous paintings, and culminates in her fierce battle to rise above the most devastating event in her life and fight for justice despite horrific consequences.
The Paramount Theatre Chicago
Set in the legendary city during the roaring "jazz hot" 20s, Chicago tells the story of two rival vaudevillian murderesses locked up in Cook County Jail. Nightclub star Velma's serving time for killing her husband and sister after finding the two in bed together. Driven chorus girl Roxie's been tossed in the joint for bumping off the lover she's been cheating on her husband with. Not one to rest on her laurels, Velma enlists the help of prison matron Mama Morton and slickster lawyer Billy Flynn, who turn Velma's incarceration into a murder-of-the-week media frenzy, thus preparing the world for a splashy showbiz comeback. But Roxie's got some of her own tricks up her sleeve...
Everything Is Illuminated  
Seattle Center Everything Is Illuminated
Jonathan treks to Ukraine to uncover the truth of a family legend - what happened to the woman who saved his grandfather from the Nazis? With the help of Alex, his less-than-fluent translator, and Alex's grandfather, Jonathan's journey leads him back in time and deep into his own imagination. The trio squabbles and struggles to understand each other and where they're headed, but their quixotic search brings a vision of the past to vibrant, terrible, charming life before our eyes.
A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder  
Wade James Theatre A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
When the low-born Monty Navarro finds out that he's eighth in line for an earldom in the lofty D'Ysquith family, he figures his chances of outliving his predecessors are slight and sets off down a far more ghoulish path. Can he knock off his unsuspecting relatives without being caught and become the ninth Earl of Highhurst? And what of love? Because murder isn't the only thing on Monty's mind.... A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder is a murderous romp filled with unforgettable music, non-stop laughs and a scene-stealing role for one actor playing all eight of the doomed heirs who meet their ends in the most creative and side-splitting ways.
Inside Story: Adventures in Storytelling  
Market Theater Inside Story: Adventures in Storytelling
Inside Story is an exciting exploration of storytelling in several exciting forms. The talented cast of improvisers is inspired to create stories from your true-life secret, personal and funny stories. And in between each improv story, several of Seattle's most respected storytellers will share a prepared story based on their lives and an improvised, true-to-life story based on a subject drawn from the "topic bowl." It's The Moth meets Whose Line Is It Anyway?, only less formatted, more spontaneous and out of control fun! Come share an Inside Story.
My Son The Waiter  
Kirkland Performance Center My Son The Waiter
Brad Zimmerman's hilarious and inspiring story about the grit and passion it takes to "make it" as an artist and the sweet rewards that come from never giving up! If you ever longed for something, If you ever desired it with all your heart, If you were willing to wait tables for 29 years to pursue your dream then My Son the Waiter will give meaning to your life!
Necessary Sacrifices  
Taproot Theatre Necessary Sacrifices
Five words were meant to change a young country divided by civil war when abolitionist and Union recruiter Frederick Douglass challenged his president to act on the statement that "all men are created equal." As these two brilliant Americans wage a battle for the future of the Union, their arguments affect not only their sons but the nation we live in today. Originally commissioned for Washington, DC's Ford's Theatre, Taproot Theatre produces the West Coast Premiere of Richard Hellesen's drama.
People of the Book  
ACT People of the Book
In this world premiere play by ACT 2018 Core Member, Yussef El Guindi, lust, jealousy and post-traumatic stress bring things between old friends to a boil. Jason is a veteran of the Iraq War who returns home to literary glory after writing an international best-seller, a heroic account of his wartime experience. His celebrity is underscored by his marriage to Madeeha, an Iraqi woman he saved in a house-to-house raid. When he reunites with old friends, Amir and Lynn, questions start to emerge about the veracity of the book and its particular patriotic American gaze. Enjoy People of the Book at Seattle's Allen Theatre at ACT.
Twelfth Night, or What You Will  
Slate Theater Twelfth Night, or What You Will
A Shipwreck, separated twins, mistaken identities, revenge, romance and one pair of yellow stockings all contribute to the comic fun of this masterpiece by The Bard of Avon. Shipwrecked and alone in foreign Illyria, young Viola masquerades as a boy and becomes the go-between for the lovesick Duke Orsino and the beautiful Countess Olivia. Soon Viola finds herself in the middle of a topsy-turvy love triangle with zany fun on every side. The cast features Camille Van Putten as Viola, Simone Alene as Olivia, Daniel Wood as Orsino and Andrew, Sean Taylor as Toby and Curio, Sarah Kelly Beeson as Malvolio, Deena Ingly as Sebastian and Maria, and Doug Graham as Feste, The Captain and The Officer. The creative team includes Shawna Avinger as Music Director, Lisa Harrington as Stage Manager, Wiley Basho Gorn and Doug Graham as Scenic Designers, Jessica Fern Hunt as Costume and Lighting Designer.
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee  
Village Theatre at Francis J. Gaudette Theatre The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
"Life is pandemonium" in this fast-paced and irreverent Tony Award-winning comedy. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee follows an eclectic group of kids (played by adults) as they fight for the title of regional spelling bee champ - and all the glory that comes with it. This witty coming of age story is bursting with heart, and Village Theatre's full-fledged production will be an unforgettable experience that chronicles all the joy, torment, and passion of those who love to compete.
Violet's Attic  
Cafe Nordo Violet's Attic
Nordo is proud to present the first production of their 11th Season, Violet's Attic: A Grand Ball for Wicked Dolls, and you're invited... if you dare! Be whisked away to a world that hauntingly tantalizes all five senses with bone-chilling live music, frighteningly unique dining, and the hair-raising story of a lonely girl and her dolls. Violet's imagination comes alive at Nordo's Culinarium. The scene is set in the attic of Violet's home where playtime quickly turns spooky. "Everything in this show is scaled five times bigger - a four foot tall hatbox, sewing pins the size of swords, even the food is scaled huge making our audience and actors feel like they're the size of dolls
Theatre Off Jackson Washer/Dryer
Washer/Dryer by Nandita Shenoy is a delicious farce of a fairy tale about a modern Indian-American woman who elopes with a Chinese-American man only to realize that happily-ever-after is much more challenging when you're living on an actor's salary and trying to hold onto an apartment that has the most coveted of amenities - its own washer/dryer. A colorful cast of nosy neighbors and an disapproving mother-in-law take the dual-ethnicity couple for a spin in this rom-com about "Crazy Poor Asians." Under the pressures of culture and tradition, they discover that they haven't been entirely honest with each other or themselves, and must decide if all is really fair in love and real estate.